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Hot selling BFN Ionizers

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-06-24
We have hot selling products BFN Ionizers BFN801, BFN802 and BFN803.

Here we'd like to introduce our BFN802 to you.

The BFN-802 suspended double-head AC ion fan has excellent static elimination performance. It is an ideal device for electronic production lines, maintenance benches and other personal electrostatic protection areas to prevent electrostatic pollution and damage.

Product features of BFN-802 suspended double-head AC ion fan:

Fashionable and novel appearance;

Humanized design, ultra-thin and lightweight, easy to use;

The ion output is large, and the static electricity is eliminated quickly;

Flexible adjustment of wind speed (stepless adjustment of wind speed);

Simple maintenance, removable front and back cover, easy to clean;

Strict safety protection device.

Technical parameters of BFN-802 suspended double-head AC ion fan:

Ion generation method: corona discharge method

Ion output voltage: High 4500V AC

Ion balance control method: fixed balance

Static elimination time ≤2.0S

Ion balance voltage ≤±10V

Rated value: working current consumption 0.32A (when the fan is at high wind speed), power supply voltage AC220V ±15%/50Hz or AC 110V ±15%/60Hz

Large air volume: 210CFM

Working distance: 300~1200mm

Ozone concentration ≤0.002ppm

Noise: 48db

Environmental resistance: ambient temperature 0℃~50℃, ambient humidity 20%~80%RH

Body weight: 5.8kg

Body material: cold rolled steel plate

Color: cool white + sky blue (plastic)

Body size: W585mm x H185mm x D115mm

At the center of the air outlet, 300mm away from the center point of the front of the fan, when measured at a large wind speed.

Test conditions: 25℃, humidity 55%, in line with EOS/ESD S3.1-2006 standard

Test instrument: TREK157