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The Structure And Working Principle Of Sticky Mat

Article source: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Author: KYD Electronic CO., Ltd / Publication time: 2022-06-13

The sticky mat is also called sticky floor glue. It is mostly used at the entrance and buffer area of the dust-free clean area. The main function is to remove the dust from the soles and wheels, and to reduce the impact of dust particles on the environmental quality of the clean area as much as possible. It can also be used In daily life, put it at the door to reduce the intake of fine dust at home. A sticky dust pad generally has 30 pages. What I want to introduce to you is the structure and working principle of the sticky dust pad.

In fact, there are a total of 32 layers of sticky dust pads, the middle 30 pages are marked with numbers 1-30 in the lower left or lower right corner, and the first layer is non-adhesive PE transparent film plus 29 layers of glued PE film plus a double layer. The surface-coated PE protective film is compounded. Usually, it is made of sky blue for obvious reasons, and it is also made of white. Other colors can also be customized separately. The adhesive force of the layer of glue under the sticky pad is far greater than the adhesive force above, to prevent the sticky pad from being taken up after the pedal wheel rolls over, and every time a layer is used up, it can be torn according to the page number. Skip that page and continue using it.

All in all, sticky dust pads can reduce the impact of dust on the environment as much as possible in a dust-proof and purified space, and can easily and quickly eliminate static electricity in a general range, keep the environment clean, and be simple to use. Floor contamination and prevent dust from entering the house.